June, 2017

Desktop Support Engineer 
$30.00 an hour

Minimum requirements
3 years experience

About this position
The right candidate will receive training on troubleshooting computer hardware, Outlook email, printer connectivity, backups, Teamviewer remote assistance, Windows operating systems and more.

Make your resume stand out. Leap forward in your computer career by picking up the indispensable skills of the computer technician and network technician. Plug yourself into the fun, fast-paced environment of the small business MSP (Managed Services Provider). Or leverage your new skills and resources to start your own IT business.

Daily Activities
Drive to client site straight from your home
Assist users with setting up printers, scanners, virus removal, backups and more
Log in to assist users remotely using Teamviewer Remote Assistance
Change passwords and create user email addresses within Office 365 hosted Exchange
Document support and network details

Work with friendly, helpful staff, ready to answer your questions. Nothing in the industry boosts your skills faster than learning and training with a small business MSP.

Send your resume to Jmorgan@qcscomputer.com